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nymphical: Hi! ^_^ You are so gorgeous! I'm in love with your hair and style! Omg! :3

Thank you! As an American Apparel employee I mainly wear their clothes so you can literally own all the same shit as me lol no biggie I’m not particularly special.

inabrazilliangirlmind: You're perfect 😻 😽

Oh my, no! I’m so not. I just know my angles and lighting haha

aboutnatlife: I use Tresemme Naturals. (silicone free). I co-wash with it every week. I leaves my hair feeling so soft and nice, plus it smells good and its not too expensive.

I think I’m going to start using Tresemme Perfect Curls. I tried it while I was visiting a friend about a week ago and literally gave me the best wash and go. All I did was condition with it and let my hair air dry and it came out perfect! 

yo, i feel the people looting the beauty supply in ferguson cause Black and Gold raised their prices and decreased the amount of hair in the bag what part of the game is that bro??? Like I bought 5 packs of that shit and it only covered my perimeter!!!!