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Los Angeles local. This blog is literally ALL me. Photo's of me & friends taken by me and friends ONLY. Mainly a way to force me to want to go out and enjoy life // If you're not completely annoyed by my face follow my instagram @badluckbydnei
lemuel-luh: I use Organix moroccan argan oil conditioner & Shea moisture restorative conditioner they're both really good :)

Yeah I just started using Shea Moisture Curl & Shine and I like it. I think I might give Organix a try though. Thanks!

I know I must have some natural hair followers, some going natural followers, or even some followers who just like to talk about shit they know nothing about. For you all:

What are some good, hydrating conditioners for black hur?

My selfie game hasn’t been scrong lately, but here are a million pictures from a shoot I did down in San Pedro that was super awesome. Sadly I’m wearing a lot of American Apparel in it. Sadly…